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The Bay Bridged (San Francisco, CA, Jan 13th, 2014):


Farallons’ January residency at Amnesia

Among the other stellar bands playing residencies in January, San Francisco’s surf folk group Farallons will be bringing their dreamy tunes to Amnesia every Tuesday this month. For those who haven’t heard their debut EP,Outer Sun Sets, have a listen to “With Our Friends,” a song that encapsulates the band’s warm, woozy and dichotomous sound–it’s stripped-back but layered, sometimes exuding tropical vibes and other times projecting the city’s signature fog. Lead vocalist and guitarist Andrew Brennan and singer/keyboardist Aubrey Trinnaman’s subtle harmonies are best-heard in person, so if you dig what you hear, show up to one, two or all three of their remaining residency nights. (Go to full article...)



The San Francisco Bay Guardian Noise Blog(San Francisco, CA, Jan 6th, 2014):


Locals Only: Farallons


Enter Farallons, an SF five-piece whose dreamy blend of surf-pop and indie folk has been garnering buzz since their July 2013 debut EP, Outer Sun Sets. Singer-songwriters Andrew Brennan and Aubrey Trinnaman are at the helm with honeyed, seemingly effortless harmonies; there’s liberal use of synth and plenty of peppy surf-rock guitar, but there are dark moods here, too, and more than a little salt. Farallons will play at Amnesia every Tuesday in January, accompanied by a different opener each night. Ahead of the first show, Brennan shared a few thoughts on the Bay Area music scene and living at the beach. (Go to full article...)



The Bay Bridged (San Francisco, CA, July 2, 2013):


Interview / Song Premiere: Farallons – “Yile Nile/ Sea Urchin,” from debut EP

I first met Andrew Brennan at Hickey Fest back in May, after watching his band Farallons play a Friday night set, the first show I caught all weekend and one of the most memorable. During the short 25-minute performance, the band offered a seasoned sound that was sometimes gentle, but not delicate, and often tough but not menacing. It was charming, with male-female vocals interplaying, but never cheeky. It set the tone for the festival.


The San Francisco-based band, only months old and on the brink of releasing its first record, played its fifth show ever that weekend with veteran ease and more chemistry than many couples share on fifth dates. If there wasn’t history behind this band, I figured there must be a story, or just some wicked talent. Turns out, there’s a combination of both behind Farallons. (Go to full article...)



Side One Track One (Austin, TX, July 3, 2013):

The first time I read about Farallons – the San Francisco-based band on the verge of releasing their first album – I heard the terms “surf rock” and “folk”. I thought, “Finally the Fleet Foxes and Dick Dale have a had a sun-soaked baby boy” and that’s all I could wrap my mind around, that folk and surf rock were a perfect combination. A sonic equivalent to the combo of collard and greens. In the wrong hands this could be Kumbaya turned to 11, but Farallons have a sense of both place and a very apparent vision and the music they produce blends the upbeat jingle of The Beach Boys with the more somber elements of folk rock.  (Go to full post...)

Artist of the week in Israel! (Jerusalem, July 12, 2013)


אמן השבוע


הלייבל הפנטסטי Curly Cassettes, שאלבומים שלו כבר הופיעו פה בעבר, עשה זאת שוב. הלייבל הזה, שלמרבה ההיפסטריות אשכרה מוציא אלבומים

חדשים על קלטות, אחראי לכמה מהאלבומים הכי נהדרים, מלאי חיים, משמחי אדם ומפנקי אוזניים ששמעתי בשנה האחרונה. אני לא יודע מה הם מוהלים בשייק הפירות של המוזיקאים שלהם, אבל אני ממש רוצה קצת מזה.הריליס האדיר החדש שלהם הוא אי-פי להרכב פולק-רוק פסיכדלי בשם Farallons. אם אהבתם את Fleet foxes אבל נמאס לכם שהם כאלה מתוקים וטהורי-לבב, אם אתם מתגעגעים לקליפורניה של הסבנטיז אבל כבר שמעתם את כל האלבומים של ניל יאנג - האלבום הזה לגמרי בשבילכם. קצר, זה נכון, אבל כה מתוק.



Behold this google translate gem:



Artist of the week



Californian rock band takes clip disturbing, psychedelic folk vehicle will return you to Seventies.  Curly Cassettes fantastic label, his albums have appeared here before, do it again. This label, that most Hhifstriut literally takes Albomimslhm.  New tapes, responsible for some of the most beautiful albums, full of life, Mesamechi person and Treat Ear hearing last year. I do not know what they Solvents smoothie fruits of their musicians, but I really want some of that.  Marylise their new mighty is non-composition according Folk - Psychedelic rock called Farallons. If you like the Fleet foxes but tired of you they are sweet and pure - hearted, if you miss the seventies California but have heard all the albums of Neil Young - This album is totally for you. Short, yes, but so sweet.








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