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Farallons is a West Marin-based recording project comprised of Andrew Brennan, Aubrey Trinnaman, and Blake Henderson.  


"Farallons’ music is painted in shades of California, though not in the sunny, beach-rock way often associated with the state. It's warm but dark – darker than it initially seems, darker even so with every listen. It takes its time, moving forward at its own pace, only after each electric guitar reverberation has properly rung out, and every acoustic riff has been distinguished. It's stripped back, but also layered. It holds in it the power of what makes California so attractive–it's beautiful, and there's a certain ease to it – but in a more realistic way than say, The Beach Boys ever did. It's less about “Fun, Fun, Fun,” and more concerned with modern disconnects, though the fun is still there (See: “With Our Friends”). The band still has some “Ooo-Ooo” sing-a-long moments, but it gets real where a lot of surf bands fail to." From the Bay Bridged, July 2, 2013.


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